Caring for our environment

Living Green is Maldron Hotel Wexford’s environmental movement which we implemented in 2019 in conjunction with our parent company Dalata Hotel Group. This movement inspires and focuses on care for our environment and instils this as a way of life throughout the hotel for both our team and our guests.

At Maldron Hotel Wexford, we care about the environment that we operate our business in and we are continuously introducing environmentally-friendly changes to help play our part. All our team are fully trained on environmental policies and our Environmental Impact Team meet regularly to discuss what we can do next.

To date we have implemented the following changes that we hope are making a difference:

  • All bulbs have now been replaced with low energy LED efficient lightbulbs in the hotel.
  • We have adopted a Red Panda from Dublin Zoo.
  • Removed/replaced marketing merchandise throughout the hotel with paperless options. This includes the introduction of our Guest Platform App for all guests staying in the hotel.
  • Review of all single-use items to reduce waste and minimise packaging.
  • Single flush policy has now been implemented in all hotel bedrooms to help reduce water consumption.

We have also implemented the following:

Our Commitment to the Environment

Maldron Hotel Wexford is delighted to have partnered with Green Tourism which is an environment accreditation partner specialising in the hotel and hospitality industry. As part of the accreditation process, Maldron Hotel Wexford has undergone and completed an energy and sustainability audit. This audit has assisted the hotel team with focusing on the areas that require action and highlighted areas that we can improve on in our daily activities as a business. In conjunction with these audits, our Environmental Impact Team are leading the way in promoting a greener agenda and way of life in Maldron Hotel Wexford. To read more about our activities and plans, please see our Hotel Environmental Policy below.

See our Environment Policy

Bird House

We have created a birdhouse on the grounds of the hotel which can be viewed by guests in our courtyard area. This birdhouse is intended to benefit avian life and in turn, help the environment. Birdhouses help to protect wildlife from predators, keep them warm in winter and can help to offset disruptions that occur in nature.

Herb Garden

Our herb garden is located on the grounds of the hotel and helps to remove chemicals and bacterias that may be floating in the air, providing an overall healthier enviroment to be in.
Having a fresh supply of herbs on hand for our kitchen team also helps to reduce food miles.

Water Stewardship

Our Deputy General Manager Gary is now our water steward and has completed Water Stewardship training on how to lower water consumption and reduce operating costs by lowering the flow of water into the building. This programme is accredited by EWS and demonstrates our commitment to improving water stewardship practices and impacts in the hotel.

Living Green - The Future

Maldron Hotels & Partners are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to know more about our environmental movement, please click here.

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